Louis Otto Subrosa Welcome Edit

The little dude kills it in this 3 minute welcome edit. Plenty of cool stuff here and it will be interesting to see what he does in the future as he progresses. It is crazy to see how dialed the new generation is and definitely will motivate you to get more dialed get your stuff together (especially if you are my age haha). Nice work from Louis on this one.

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Greg Henry’s “Fire Mids” Section

BMXFU has released Greg Henry’s “Fire Mids” section. Love the flow and feel good vibes of this one. A lot of recent edits have been very serious, but its nice to see that the main inspiration for this was just fun. Greg is actually pretty dialed and creative too. He brings a bunch brake squad maneuvers throughout and the dude has predators on lock. This is a fun one, thank you guys for uploading this.