Louis Otto Subrosa Welcome Edit

The little dude kills it in this 3 minute welcome edit. Plenty of cool stuff here and it will be interesting to see what he does in the future as he progresses. It is crazy to see how dialed the new generation is and definitely will motivate you to get more dialed get your stuff together (especially if you are my age haha). Nice work from Louis on this one.

Seventies- https://www.instagram.com/seventiesdi… FIlmed By Charlie Blessed- https://www.instagram.com/mennis.the…. Ed Bennet- https://www.instagram.com/Frankclipper/ Veronica Ribeiro- https://www.instagram.com/veronicasri… Edited by Louis Otto- https://www.instagram.com/louisottobmx

Alec Simeon Mind’s Eye

Watch as Alec battles to get his switch feeble to double peg to 180 downside whip from his amazing “Units Worldwide” section. It’s nice to see behind the scenes things like this being put out. I mean, we all know how difficult riding can be at times, but it’s still nice to see that others are fighting just as hard (except probably with much more difficult lines).

Stephen Boysen- Dig Locals Edit

Watch Stephen cruise around SD spots and jib it up. Plenty of refreshing stuff in this almost 5 minute edit. The edit starts to heat up about halfway through and continues to deliver throughout. Plenty of innovation here and I particularly enjoyed the ice up to crankflip around 4min in. Great work and I’m stoked to see DIG putting out more local stuff.