#TBT Section Ian Schwartz & Chad Shackleford’s 2004 “System” Split Part

This part of 2004’s System DVD was insane. When I watched it the first time, I had never seen a free coaster before and Ian’s section blew my mind. Chad added nice complements and thew done some bangers as well. System was the first DVD I got so it has a special place in my heart.

As a bonus, you can check out the Spotify playlist we made of System by clicking here to open in Spotify.

Here is the track list.

David Grant’s “VX Rated” Section Extras

10 minutes of Dave chasing geese and chasing clips. Plenty of crazy down rails, ledges, gaps and more in this one. If you missed his VX Rated part, you can view it below. A lot of these are alternate angles, but there are some pretty cool clips that weren’t in the section too. Peep it below.

David Grant’s “VX Rated” Section

Greg Henry’s “Fire Mids” Section

BMXFU has released Greg Henry’s “Fire Mids” section. Love the flow and feel good vibes of this one. A lot of recent edits have been very serious, but its nice to see that the main inspiration for this was just fun. Greg is actually pretty dialed and creative too. He brings a bunch brake squad maneuvers throughout and the dude has predators on lock. This is a fun one, thank you guys for uploading this.